Institute of Pathology



Prof. Dr. Iver Petersen   Tel:   +49 3641 9 33 120
Ziegelmühlenweg 1   E-Mail:  
07743 Jena, Germany   Fax:   +49 3641 9 33 111
Sekretariat:   Tel:   +49 3641 9 34 002


The institute of pathology as a part of the university hospital Jena (UKJ) works for the histological, cytological, autopical and molecular diagnosis related to the patients of the university hospital. It is engaged in fundamental research and in clinical studies, which leads to a better understanding of diseases and knowledge of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive markers in personalized medicine. The institute represents the subject of pathology in academic teaching.


You can find information in following domains:

  • Diagnosis (German)
  • Research
  • Teaching (German)